Collagen That

ProColl is a supplier of research-grade
collagens, with market-leading
specifications, at a cost-effective
price for researchers.

Collagen Products

We specialise in the production of research grade, acid soluble collagen.

We have an array of product formulations available to suit your research needs, and if you require anything specific, we are here to help.

Please bear with us while we continue to set up our online payment platforms. To discuss purchase of any of our affordable and reliable collagen products, or for more information, please call us or leave us a message through the contact form.

R&D Innovations

Here at ProColl we are continually working to develop new and innovative products to help our clients achieve their research goals.

Our specialist team create and test our products to provide the next generation of bio-materials, fit for use in modern research topics and our developments have led to publications in leading international journals.